The territory of the Žilina region belonged to the Liptov, Orava and Turiec County since Middle Ages up to 1923. The western part of the Region together with Bytča, Žilina, Kysucké Nové Mesto and Čadca districts belonged to the Trenčín County. The Žilina region was constituted in 1949 and included also Považská Bystrica and Ilava districts – currently they belong to the Trenčín Region. The Region administratively operated until its abrogation in 1960.

The Žilina region was re-constituted in July 1996 through the Act No. 221/1996 on Administrative and Territorial Division of the Slovak Republic.

In 2001, the National Council of the Slovak Republic adopted Act No. 302/2001 on Self-Government of Higher Territorial Units and Act No. 303/2001 on Elections to the Organs of Self-Governing Regions. According to this Act, eight self-governing regions (higher territorial units) were established in Slovakia. Within this new territorial – administrative system, the territory of Žilina region was included in the Žilina Self-Governing Region. First elections to the representative bodies of higher territorial units (regional parliaments, assemblies) and elections of their Presidents were held on 1st December 2001.


Presidents of the Žilina Self-Governing Region since 2001: 

  • 1st tenure (2001 – 2005): Jozef Tarčák
  • 2nd tenure (2006 – 2009): Juraj Blanár
  • 3rd tenure (2009 – 2013): Juraj Blanár
  • 4th tenure (2013 - 2017): Juraj Blanár
  • 5th tenure (2017 - 2022): Erika Jurinová


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